I am so glad you have found your way here! Since September of 2022, I have been on a bit of a whirlwind journey teaching myself to paint. I quickly realized how peaceful, almost childlike, it made me feel to get lost in the act of creating. I am quite honestly in love with everything about it and am honored/humbled/flabbergasted that people have taken interest in what I have to offer. As a child I could spend hours doodling. I was drawn to funky patterns and vibrant design from a young age and the art supply store was my favorite place. I watched my dad unwind after long days commuting back and forth from DC to Fredericksburg playing the guitar, painting watercolor landscapes, and throwing pottery. I grew up with the family folklore of my mom leaving her government contracting job and becoming a storyteller. I always understood creativity was alive in all of us, but had never really put brush to canvas before leaving my career in neuro rehabilitation to follow my gut to slow the heck down, live more authentically, and be home with our 3 young kids. My husband Brett is extremely supportive and has become my biggest fan and most honest critic over the last several months. Long story short, I am equal parts hopeful and certain that this painting journey will be lifelong. Thank you sincerely for being part of it!