Are you accepting commissions? 

I will open up commission spots as my schedule allows. If there are none available under the commission page, don’t be shy…  reach out and start a conversation! Even if I don’t have a spot open, there’s definitely a chance I can fit a project in depending on lots of variables.

How does the commission process work? 

A commission is a great route to take if you’re looking to invest in your home decor while having it reflect your personal style. Setting the vision is a collaborative process and there are opportunities for you to shape your piece at several touch points along the way. If you’re interested in a commission, send a message through the contact page via my website or a DM on instagram. We will discuss your general vision, a few specific details (such as size, materials, and framing) and then I can provide you with a final price. If you’re in agreement, then I will have you purchase a retainer spot by month. The month you purchase will mean that your piece is finished, framed and delivered locally by end of that month. (If shipping is required, then shipping will be initiated by end of listed month.) I will ask you to share pictures of your interior including the space the piece will be hung and any favorite design elements you’d like to coordinate with (fabrics, furniture, etc). I will send a brief questionnaire to gather further input from you and your family and also welcome stream of consciousness brain dumps :).

Do you offer shipping? 

Happily! Works under 11x14 will be free to ship and larger sizes will vary.


How much does an original or commission cost? 

Long story short, it depends on so many variables. On top of purchasing the canvas, the paint, the tools, the framing, a lot of time goes into preparing, communicating with clients, not to mention the actual painting. I love (l.o.v.e.) to paint and want this to be a sustainable pursuit and it is important that I charge a fee that can support my continued journey as an artist, not just cover my materials. There is a wide range of size and material options and I would love to find something that works for you! 

Can you help me with framing?

Absolutely! You always have the option to purchase a commission that is framed or unframed. For unframed work, I only use gallery depth canvas and I will paint the edges of the canvas in your choice of color. You can hang using the edge of the canvas or choose to mount your own hanging wire. For basic framing, paper will be in your choice of acrylic block or modern style floating frame and canvas will come in a modern floating style, wooden painted ‘slat’ frame of your color choice. For premium, I will guide you through options from a variety of local custom framing sources which can include anything from beautiful textured matting and frame material of your choice to locally sourced hardwood custom made by Richmond based woodworkers. Depending on your desired aesthetic, these alternative options have the ability to greatly enhance your piece but will also impact the final price point. I can help navigate these decisions based on your vision and personal style.

What is your turnaround time for a commission? 

It depends! I am scheduling them by month currently, but depending on size and scope of projects I will always aim to be ahead of schedule! If you have a specific date in mind, let me know! I will tell you up front if I can hit your target.  

Do you have any originals available? 

I will post originals on my site as they become available for sale. There are also often works available at Revival’s showroom near Gaskins and Patterson.