Collection: All that and more

All that and more.

This second series includes about 20 works on canvas and some smaller pieces on paper that are all inspired by my personal bits of happy - color, sunshine, summer, a childhood on the water. Throughout all the changes these last months have brought, painting has been a steady thing for me to return to. It has allowed me to process hard emotions, support local organizations I care about and financially sustain a practice that is incredibly soothing to my soul. It’s become more than just a creative outlet and has really quickly become part of what lights me up inside. I had a glimmer of a thought last summer when I felt broken in half over leaving my profession, but what if I was an artist or something and could just paint when they slept? Turns out it can be all that and more.

Thank you immensely to everyone who has encouraged and supported me from the get go, I’m eternally grateful for the chance to feel happy in this way