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Emily Dickey Art



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‘Peace’ is 30x40 high fluid acrylic framed in modern wood slat style with gold stain. Shipping will add $50. 

50% of the proceeds from these peaceful olive branches will support the mission of Everytown.

And a note on the painting.. I rarely ever set out knowing what I’m going to paint and try to let the canvas sort of unearth itself. I started this one off staining the canvas with deep and angry colors. I like the effect of this staining method, it looks like a tapestry that has been around forever. Painting is a very meditative process for me and I try to focus on all things love as I work. As I kept staining I used softer colors because I needed to find some hope and peace. The olive branches started to sort of show up in the layers and I followed it. Peace over anger folks - and action - it’s the only way forward.


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